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Through reading these sentences I am sure that you will realize how much we love what we do, we are brilliant photographers, story tellers and friends. We work very hard to be the best in our area and we will continue telling stories and sharing relationships that will move you to tears because we are passionate about our work. If you want your story told, your relationship created and displayed into a piece of art that you will treasure for ever please call me now on 3889 4741.

Every family chooses something they are passionate to pursue in their life. We have chosen Portrait & Wedding Photography to be our passion. While some people have a nine-to five jobs we (Brigita, Nick and Lana) have chosen to live with our passion, wake up and go to bed. Brigita was exposed to photography from her early years and since then has never stopped developing her art. Nick, as a kid, was more oriented to painting and writing, that is until he discovered the magic of video editing and the ability to tell stories through a moving medium. Lana inherited our passion for fine art and since her childhood she has created many paintings, wrote few stories and poems and in her very early childhood she too fell in love with photography.

We love creating photographs. We offer a wide range of portrait sessions from family portraits, weddings, individual modeling portfolios, little babies that have just come into the word, toddlers that are just finding their shoes or pin up style sessions. Whatever type of session you are looking for we are sure we will create beautiful timeless art pieces for you and your loved ones.

Creation of good photographs doesn’t depend purely of a camera quality; rather it depends of interaction of a photographer, the people in front of the camera and the special relationship that is unfolding. Every person is different; we all have things in our relationships that are unique to us. It is our highest aim to find out what you hold dear in your relationship and to capture this special moment in all its truth and purity.

Being very experienced photographers we understand that some people can’t stand cameras, some people enjoy to be photographed and some are very shy in front of cameras but they love to be remembered as they are. These differences between us make us all are what makes our studio as special as we take the time to personalize our interactions with our clients. We love to listen what our clients want and convert it into beautiful pieces of art that they will cherish forever.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

We at Action Studio certainly know our equipment, but we go so much further to consider the stirring emotions that arise every time you view your wedding day photographs. They will be filled with joyful romance, the softness of rose petals and the elegance of white lace. You can remember those feelings just as they were for the rest of your life, when you commemorate your special day with Action Studio.

I was honoured to photograph Jodi & Ben’s wedding at beautiful Glengariff on 10 of April 2010. I can still remember the elegant but so relaxed atmosphere of the day, everything was going so smoothly. Just looking at Jodi & Ben on their wedding day anyone could see how much they wanted to enjoy every moment of this precious day. We all know stopping time is impossible, but capturing it forever for Jodi and Ben was my imperative and something I felt I owed to them; which I did and I’m so proud of it, because now they have the most beautiful and cherished story to relive time and time again through their wedding album.

I wanted to make sure that I didn’t capture what Jodi and Ben look like, but what they ARE LIKE.You only need to see them together to see how perfect they are for one another; they hold hands at every chance they get. The way they gaze at each other softly makes your heart melt. This is what love should be all about and having their family and friends there to share their day with made it even more magical. Now, when Jodi and Ben look at their wedding album it becomes so much more than just a wedding album it is A FAMILY ALBUM. A family treasure, put together with all love from grandmas’ tears, mums giving way of the bride and all the countless hours spent by each family member dreaming about this special day.

Now I can’t tell you how happy I am that Jodi & Ben recognized my efforts and they are recommending my crew and myself to future bridal couples.

                                                                                            Thank you Jodi & Ben

 Brisbane Wedding Couple Testimonial

One of the most important things to organise when you're getting married is the photographer. For my wife and I, we went through many potential businesses until we settled on Action Studio out at Redcliffe.

Brigita proudly runs this family owned business and over the past decade of photographing weddings knows the ins and outs in order to capture your special day. From the planning to the execution, Brigita made sure that we were comfortable and knowledgeable on what was possible and we would expect her to be capturing.

She showed us past weddings she had done and helped us visualise what we wanted to achieve. Because she has photographed all over South East Queensland her knowledge and experience helped us in every way. When it came to the day, Brigita and her crew wasn't intrusive and just seemed like she was apart of the celebration.

Finally, when it came to putting our album together, there was no pressure in spending more than our budget would allow us. We were able to take our time in her studio to pick out our favourites for our album and in the end we got every photo taken in high quality on a DVD to take away

If you know anyone getting married, Action Studio is the way to go.

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The website is the place to be to plan a wedding photos - your perfect place if you plan your wedding in Brisbane or around Brisbane. We have been a part of Brisbane weddings for years. We have photographed a hundrends of the weddings in Brisbane and in QLD. Three years ago we have moved our Studio from Brisbane to Redcliffe but very often we are invited to photograph a wedding in Brisbane. Being a wedding photographer in Brisbane city is something very rewarding, like photographing a wedding in Brisbane's St John's Cathedral or St Stephen's Cathedral in Brisbane. Location photos on the Brisbane riverside, Brisbane Southbank or Roma street parklands in Brisbane.